BREAKING: Iranian Deal Without the US: Delegation Makes Visits Moscow to Forge New Agreement

The legitimate interests of each party to the Iranian nuclear deal are to be defended jointly, according to a statement made by Sergey Lavrov at a meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran, Javad Zarif. The talks took place in Moscow.

Darya Kozlova is reporting on their early results.

The negotiations on Smolenskaya Square lasted about an hour and a half. The Iranian delegation includes top political and economic officials. Javad Zarif arrived in Moscow from Beijing, where he had met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. All the talks have the same issue on the agenda — the new reality of the nuclear deal, now without the USA on board. Washington is reimposing the sanctions that had been suspended after the 2015 agreement.

What's more, it's introducing new sanctions. How should the interests of Iran be defended? That's one of the top items on the agenda right now.

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